Construction Buildings

Based in Mumbai – We Pari Construction are modern engineers with fresh new ideas, providing Construction Buildings Residential and Commercial projects in India. Construction Buildings

Pari Construction was established in 1999 and have constructed residential as well as commercial projects at western suburbs of Mumbai have earned the faith & trust through a number of successful projects and known for its meticulous planning and constructive approach towards concrete creation. Construction Buildings

A company with a vast experience of above 18 years & with an efficient & experienced well-qualified staff have developed the land/area admeasuring more than 1.5 Million Sq. Ft. by completing various projects in Maharashtra. Construction Buildings

Pari Construction has been strongly flourishing in the areas of housing, real estate, industrial and commercial project. The success has been achieved in each, as it speaks about the technical, managerial, financial competence and the quality of manpower, it possesses. Strong belief in developing a lasting relationship, whether it is a Customer, Joint Venture partner, Vendor or an Employee makes it one of its kinds in the Indian Environment. building-construction

Here every project receives spotlight to the minor details. Quality, therefore, is our priority.

Construction Buildings

Pari Construction also offers convenience at all levels, from club-houses to landscaped gardens and children’s playground, each comes with a view to providing a luxurious lifestyle for resident and corporate.

Optimum utilization of interior space is as important a feature for the company as it is for prospective buyers. Equal focus is given to surroundings and beautifully maintained gardens.